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Procreate 5X – All New Features (on the iPad)

Procreate 5X – All New Features (on the iPad), Procreate 5X new choices outlined – preserve up-to-date with Procreate new mannequin in your iPad acquired right here out in SEP-2020.

At the end of September 2020, Procreate acquired right here out with a new mannequin often known as Procreate 5X with a bunch of latest choices on the iPad. I’d want to make sure to discover out about them, on account of there are some very thrilling ones.

File of choices talked about

  • Textual content material scribble
  • Pivate Layer
  • Reference Companion
  • Fast Palette & SwatchDrop
  • Color Fill With Selection Instrument
  • Transform Bounding Area Alter & Snapping
  • Blur Brushes
  • QuickMenu Profiles
  • New Copy & Paste popup menu
  • New Modifications & Pencil Filters (Gradient Map, Bloom, Glitch, Halftone, Chromatic Aberration)
  • Procreate Widget
  • Clear Background Animation
  • FacePaint

Have the benefit of Procreate 5X new choices in your iPad!

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