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Reverse Engineering: IDA For Beginners

Be taught to make use of IDA Professional Free to do Reverse Engineering on Linux and Home windows

What you’ll study

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Meeting Language
  • Remnux Linux IDA
  • Home windows IDA
  • File, Strings and Hexeditor Evaluation
  • Changing Information, Renaming Labels and Variables
  • Inserting Feedback
  • Creating Information Buildings
  • Decompiling Binary to C code
  • Debugging utilizing IDA
  • Patching Information
  • Register and Reminiscence Evaluation
  • Python Scripting For Reversing Algorithms
  • Creating Keygens
  • Cracking Home windows Crackmes
  • Reversing Jumps
  • Utilizing NOPs to disable directions
  • Extending Trial Interval past 30 days
  • Intermodular Name Methodology
  • Dynamic Evaluation to Affirm Algorithms
  • Linux and Home windows API
  • Algorithm Evaluation and Testing
  • Creating Keygens
  • Setting breakpoints and stepping by means of code
  • and extra


  • Primary Meeting Language , C Programming and Python can be helpful
  • Home windows PC
  • Aware of primary Linux instructions

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody to study to make use of IDA for Reverse Engineering Linux & Home windows executables
  • College students pondering of moving into Reverse Engineering or Malware Evaluation as a Carreer Path

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