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Selling on ECommerce – Amazon, Shopify in English


Selling on E-commerce Course in English

E-commerce course is understandably an in-demand course because of businesses moving to online ways of selling products and services. This course can help you get jobs as a specialist, developer, etc. You can also think of starting your independent venture where you can sell your product or service, or provide consultancy online.

LearnVern offers this course to provide the best learning support to upcoming E-commerce professionals. With this course, the learners can get practical exposure to online selling processes or doing related industry jobs.

Turn your interest in business into an opportunity to grab a bigger market base by joining LearnVern’s selling on E-commerce training online at no cost.

Job opportunities after Selling on E-commerce Course in English and their salary data

Selling on E-commerce is a skill that every business-minded person must learn. Acquire all skills needed to reach customers at their doorstep and grow your revenues by establishing an online kiosk for selling goods and services. The knowledge of how to start an eCommerce business and other related information can prepare you for the following posts; the salary data is as below:

  • E-Business Consultant: up to 20 lakhs
  • Business Analyst: up to 20 lakhs
  • E-Commerce Strategy manager: up to 90 lakhs
  • E-Commerce executive: up to 5 lakhs
  • E-Commerce manager: up to 8 lakhs

What will you learn in the Selling on E-commerce Course in English?

At LearnVern, you will gain the complete expertise needed for starting an eCommerce business successfully. This course provides basic to advanced knowledge of selling products online and all the aspects related to the process. The learners can acquaint themselves with the most popular topics including:

  • Introduction to E-commerce: what is E-commerce website
  • E-commerce selling program
  • E-commerce onboarding process
  • Photoshoot and product presentation techniques
  • Price setting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Cataloging
  • How to make product live
  • Improving search
  • E-commerce advertising
  • Third party E-commerce such as selling on Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

All these topics are explained through practical examples and case studies. It helps learners be fully prepared to start an E-commerce venture independently or become an online selling consultant in a company.

Who should be taking LearnVern’s Selling on E-commerce Course in English?

LearnVern’s course teaches basics like how to build an E-commerce website from scratch to equip you with necessary skills. This knowledge of creating a website and promoting it to relevant audiences can help people with business acumen to start online selling platforms. The candidates who can benefit the most from the course on online selling tips and techniques are:

  • Young entrepreneurs interested in online business, E-Commerce concepts, and processes

Aspirants who want to learn about online selling platforms

  • Students
  • Trainers, etc.

Why is the Selling on E-commerce Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

LearnVern’s course on how to sell online comprises of all the important topics to build conceptual knowledge and functional expertise. This course provides complete training material through topics like E-commerce basics, onboarding, rules and regulations, cataloguing, etc.

Gradually, the course introduces the topics used as they are at work. The modules like product presentation, cataloguing, customer onboarding, selling platforms, customer and competitor analysis, pricing analysis etc., impart the practical knowledge needed for starting an eCommerce business. All such features make this course truly rewarding, thus contributing to a bright career as an online seller.

Next steps to learn Selling on E-commerce in English

The Selling on E-commerce Course combines conceptual knowledge and practical training needed to sell products or services online. On doing this course, you may feel the need to brush up on your other business development and marketing skills. Several courses on E-commerce scripting platforms can also help gain maximum benefits from this course. Other courses you can do on completing this course are:

  • Magento/Drupal
  • PHP
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing and advertising
  • SEO, etc.

Why LearnVern for Selling on E-commerce Course

LearnVern offers a complete working guide on how to start an Ecommerce business. This e-learning platform puts the learners’ convenience on top priority and is determined to make skill-development an easy feat for all.

The students can do the E-commerce Course at a chosen pace because the course can be attended from any point and the tutorial can be revisited multiple times; no objection raised or fee demanded!

LearnVern simplifies the concepts by explaining them through practical demonstrations and training. The real-life examples and a practical walk-through to all steps of online selling platform establishment are included in the tutorial.

No fee asked for joining the courses at LearnVern. This makes people from all financial backgrounds comfortable with the idea of skill-development and become E-commerce-ready. Entrepreneurs can save on the cost of establishing an online venture by themselves by joining this tutorial for free.

Unlimited access to tutorials, lots of articles and downloadable content, etc. provided to students make LearnVern the perfect e-learning partner. The course recognizes your talent in online selling by providing you the National Skill Development Corporation Certificate approved by the Government of India.

Join the free online course on online selling platforms at LearnVern and give a kick start to your journey of learning E-commerce business establishment.

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