Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE|Ebook |Download Now

Shoe Dog is the story of Phil Knight, an Oregon track and field runner who graduated from a prestigious business school in the early 1960s, who goes on a world trip that was very unconventional for the time, then returns to team up with his former track and field coach to start a shoe import business called Blue Ribbon Sports. The plan was to import high-quality shoes from Japan, less than two decades after Hiroshima, when the wounds of war were still fresh and some Japanese soldiers were still hiding in the forests thinking that the war was not yet over.

The company went through one financial struggle after another, barely keeping afloat, but he managed to get through it while keeping a job as an accountant by his side. Over time, as Phil discovered that the Japanese suppliers were planning to break their contract despite the fact that Blue Ribbon sales were doubling every year, he was forced to find a factory to start making his own line of shoes.