1. What do you imply by personal sector?

2. From the place the personal entities can elevate funds?

3. Why are personal corporations fashioned?

4. On which particular level the personal sector corporations often focus so as to survive out there in the long term?

5. What are the varied types of enterprise organizations within the personal sector?

6. What is supposed by public sector?

7. How a lot stake the federal government holds in public sector corporations?

8. Who’s the proprietor of public sector entities?

9. Public sector organizations are of two varieties. What are these two varieties?

10. What’s the primary goal of public sector?

11. What’s the significance of public sector?

12. How the general public sector has performed a key position in regional steadiness?

13. How the general public sector prevents the focus of wealth and financial energy within the arms of few industrial homes?

14. Whether or not the efficiency of public sector unit may be judged by way of standards used to choose the efficiency of personal sector enterprises?

15. The position of public sector has modified over time. Talk about.

16. What are the varied challenges confronted by the general public sector?

17. From the place the general public sector will get funds?

18. Write a number of traces on the coverage of Govt. of India in the direction of the general public sector since 1991.

19. What’s the which means and advantage of disinvestment of shares of Public Sector enterprises?

20. There are some misconceptions about public sector. What are these misconceptions?

21. What steps may be taken to enhance the efficiency of public sector?

22. What’s the distinction between Private Sector and Public Sector?

23. Do you agree with the assertion “Public sector employees are lazy and corrupt”. Give your feedback.

24. Public sector is over staffed. What’s your opinion?

25. Public sector is guided by social targets. Title a number of.

26. What’s the foundation of promotion within the case of personal sector staff and public sector staff?

27. Public sector is much less environment friendly as in contrast to personal sector. Why?

28. Why there’s authorities interference in public sector organizations?

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