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Theoretical Machine Learning From Scratch – Linear Models

Be taught the idea and math behind Linear and Logistic regression and in addition be taught to code them from scratch

What you’ll be taught

  • Perceive the mathematics behind linear fashions significantly linear and logistic regression
  • Uncover the black field perceive the inside workings of linear and logistic regression
  • Perceive gradient descent in an excellent element and apply it to fixing issues
  • Be taught to use the linear fashions to machine studying issues and use circumstances
  • Code every part from scratch with out utilizing any prepared made machine studying library


  • Primary to intermediate programming abilities(program stream, conditional statements, looping, object oriented method)
  • Taking spinoff and partial derivatives utilizing calculus
  • Some primary likelihood and statistics
  • Primary linear algebra(matrix multiplication)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is supposed for individuals who need to transcend the fundamental understanding of machine studying paradigms and dive deeper into the mathematics and principle

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