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Ultimate Kubernetes CKA & CKAD Practice Exams



  1. YAML/JSON information: All Kubernetes objects might be created through YAML or JSON information. However YAML is broadly used since its easy. So it’s good to have YAML information.

  2. Linux Information: For those who by no means labored on Linux based mostly OS, it’s extremely advisable to take Freshmen course of Linux, information of networking in Linux can also be required to some extent in case you are going for CKA.

  3. Vim editor: Whereas making ready for the examination, you’ll very often must create and modify information.

  4. Docker Information: As Kubernetes is a container orchestrator; earlier than you begin making ready for CKAD or CKA, having prior information of docker is a should.

Ideas & Tips:

  1. Time Administration: Managing time is the important thing to crack the examination. For CKA you get 24 inquiries to be answered in 3hrs and for CKAD 19 questions in 2hrs.

  2. Setup autocompletes in bash into the present shell once you begin the examination, you could use shorthand alias for kubectl (alias ok=kubectl).

  3. Not all questions are equal weight, so don’t spend an excessive amount of time at one query. In case you get difficult questions, flag it and transfer to the following query and attempt to try all of the questions.

  4. CKA has 6 completely different clusters and CKAD has 4. Associated questions are built-in into one cluster. Be sure that to alter the cluster context when you full and transfer the following query.

  5. In some questions, you’ll need to ssh one other node within the cluster and elevate permissions. After performing your activity, watch out whereas exiting from the elevated position and the node, generally you attempt to be fast and will come out of the bottom node which might result in re-login the bottom node and value additional time. You want to all the time return to the bottom node earlier than making an attempt the following query.

  6. You aren’t allowed to make use of pen and paper, you should utilize the inbuilt notepad to notice any command or save any info you need.

  7. Use kubectl to create assets (similar to deployment, service, cronjobs, and many others) as a substitute of making them from manifest information. It saves quite a lot of time. If it is advisable make additional modifications, save the manifest file for the useful resource you created utilizing kubectl, modify accordingly and re-apply. Alternatively, you possibly can as effectively use kubectl edit <useful resource> to change the useful resource spec.

  8. Know that you’ve one free re-take if you happen to didn’t clear the examination within the first try.

Ultimately, because the examination requires concentrated effort for 3 hours(CKA)/2 hours(CKAD) and is straining each bodily and mentally, ebook the very best time of a day and include a relaxed thoughts.

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